TradeChain - Intelligent Assets Management

TradeChain is a maatGroup Intelligent Assets Management that take advantages from the more advanced information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare...





is a "state of the art" way of storing and sharing information in a safe and open virtual space of interconnected networks that allows more direct interaction and collaboration between citizens and the local government in near real time



With the proliferation of technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and interconnected networks, smart cities can deliver innovative solutions and more direct interaction and collaboration between citizens and the local government It is also worth noting that implementation of traditional security mechanisms into a city’s critical infrastructure to make it smarter has failed.


Thus, new solutions based on the nature of the data (private or public) and communication platforms have to be developed to provide privacy, integrity, and data confidentiality.


BlockChain based security framework to enable secure data communication in a smart city. The main advantage of using blockchain is that it is resilient against many threats.


Further, it provides a number of unique features such as improved reliability, better fault tolerance capability, faster and efficient operation, and scalability. Thus, integration of BlockChain technology with devices in a Smart City will create a common platform where all kind of devices would be able to communicate efficiently and securely in a distributed environment.


The TradeChain Key is to have applied a model in order to guarantee the interoperability and scalability of different services deployed in a Smart City.