Urban Development & Public Infrastructures


Sustainable Urban Development


This initiative leaded by maatGreen, promotes residential and infrastructure solutions, oriented to improve the life quality of African and American countries, based on the maat Green management capacity and the experience of maat Green's Partner Network in the building sector.


maatGreen and its Partner Network, are working on integrating both financial and business efforts with various companies with great international experience related to the construction of housing with social purpose, to make this project a reality.

The search for advanced technologies, and with the highest quality, has resulted in a successful first phase project and can now count on the collaboration of leading companies in the sector and making art building units, exceeding the most stringent quality tests, endurance and durability of the units planned.


Building Construction


maatGreen trajectory includes the construction of corporate buildings for companies, hotels and apartments, communications towers, museums, congress and sports centres, health/medical centers, hospitals, fairgrounds, and schools and universities. Into all of them the company puts into practice not only its wide experience, but also the most advanced construction solutions and technology.


Quality in the construction of buildings is no longer limited to the requisite strength and stability, safety in the case of fire, or the health and protection of the environment. Up to now, this concept has also extended to those aspects related to the welfare of the people who use or live in them, such as comfort, insulation against noise, responsible use of energy, connections to modern audiovisual communications, thermal insulation or accessibility for people with reduced mobility.


Transport Infrastructures


maatGreen has carried out hundreds of projects that have contributed to improving transport links and infrastructure both nationally and internationally. Since its foundation maat Green has collaborated in the development of a wide network of highways and railway lines. It has collaborated in many projects that have contributed to improving major national and international transport links with highways, motorways, roads, viaducts, rail and underground railroads, and airports where the most advanced and innovative construction systems have been implemented.


The construction of hydraulic works is significant to our trajectory. Within this area dams are of great importance, representing an uninterrupted series of projects that from the 50s, has shaped unique projects.


maatGreen also constructs purification, desalination and water treatment plants, canals and collectors, pipelines and pipes, drainage and irrigation systems and tanks. There are hundreds of projects that contribute to alleviating the important hydraulic needs of a country like Spain, as well as those that required taking our technology to many other countries. We have also built numerous maritime works: harbors, dry docks and ship-yards, berthing jetties and navigation canals.


Also, thanks to advances in geotechnics research, the construction of underground works has acquired great importance in the last few years.


maatGreen is highly qualified and experienced in the construction of any type of industrial plant.


Healthcare Infrastructures


Our Hospital Services Division focuses on hospital construction, ehealth solutions and hospital concessions – an operations model that is being implemented in the healthcare sector. The division aims to lead nationally and internationally the promotion, construction and management of healthcare infrastructure and the provision of healthcare services.


We offer an endo to end solution for the healthcare sector, providing the most advanced technologies and solutions aligning the best practices in technology, management and medical practices.