Transport Infrastructure


Big Infrastructures 


The design and construction of roads and land infrastructure is one of the main fields of activity, and focus, of maatGreen, always with the intention to carry out work aimed at improving communications vital to the development of any nation. In addition, this section is an important part of our strategy of expansion abroad, with a centered view of integrating the latest technology to the maximum in terms of logistics, equipment, technology and know how to nurture this process with all levels of government allocations to we are cooperating, through all forms of recruitment and funding.



Today, competition is essential to be in the global market, maat uses the latest technologies and management information as powerful tools to compete in the market, especially in the handling of your information that allows you to make timely decisions, decreasing overall operating costs of these actions to be highly effective. maatGreen offers its customers a large experience in the fields of transport infrastructures. Leading references contain Public Sector and private companies.




We offer actuations in the following areas:


Rail: energy distribution and catenary, traction substations, passenger information systems.

Air: power plants and power distribution.

Terrestrial: lighting