Bioclimatic Architecture


maatGreen collaborates in the construction sector with the incorporation of energy saving and efficiency criteria into the building process. This helps to reduce consumption and to take better advantage of renewable energies with the goal of achieving increasingly sustainable buildings.


Our Value Proposal in Bioclimate Architecture is a global solution of energy project whose focus is the latest technology as applied to the building sector around the theme of renewable energy, making use of natural resources and best interpreting these resources for responsible use.

Our Efficient and Sustainable Building Engineering Division along with our Architecture Department provide ideas and solutions adapted to each client, with the objective of minimizing the energy demand of properties and of encouraging their self-sufficiency with other renewable systems, without CO2 emissions.


Its innovative, revolutionary, exclusive and coordinated design allow for all elements (water, wind, sun and earth) to be in harmony with one another in a collaboration in which the building needs the environment and vice versa.