• Urban Development & Public Infrastructures
      maat Green promote and built all kind of buildings and infrastructures, aligning technology, the best management practices and a sustainable model to deploy the best practices in the urban development
    • Bioclimate Architecture
      maat Green collaborates in the construction sector with the incorporation of energy saving and efficiency criteria into the building process. This helps to reduce consumption and to take better advantage of renewable energies with the goal of achieving in
    • Smart Metering & SmartCity
      The Smart concept, aims to deploy a sensor cloud collectors of information, managed and monitored by a common platform that ensures the creation of a dashboard integrated management of information col
    • Renewable Energy Infrastructures
      maat Green design, built and manage energy efficiency and renewable energy infrastructures, related to solar, geotermal and eolic technologies.
    • Sustainability and Environmental Infrastructures
      maat Green promotes, designs and builds environmental infrastructures for the recycling, treatment and disposal of solid waste and municipal and industrial wastewater as well as initiatives and projects aimed at pollution prevention and minimization.
    • Engineering, Installation and Maintenance of Industrial Facilities
      maat Green specializes in services and works in design, constructtion and integral maintenance of road system, hydraulic infrastructures and industrial facilities.
    • Urban Sustainable Development in Angola
      This initiative promotes the deployment of an sustainable urban development in the African and American Areas.
    • Smart Metering in Asia
      Smart Metering project thought a Cloud Computing & Scada Platform, in order to improve the energy effciency and the network management
    • Transport Infrastructures
      The design and construction of roads and land infrastructure is one of the main fields of activity, and focus, of maat International, always with the intention to carry out work aimed at improving communications vital to the development of any nation.