Project Finance
Project Finance Services

In alliance with our partners, our core service is providing project finance for land development projects, usually for the infrastructures, environmental, technology industries. 

maat Green provides a full professional international project development service from project conception to project completion.

maat Green is involved in the project planning at the earliest stage, so that maat Green can incorporate its experience into the project development.

In order to successfully obtain finance for a project it is first absolutely essential to generate a complete set of comprehensive and credible project documentation.

In most projects, maat Green research and compile the core studies and analyses:

  • Marketing Feasibility Study
  • Financial Feasibility Study
  • Business Plan
  • Development Budget
  • Initial Outline Architectural Master Plan
  • Final Architectural Master Plan
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Social Impact Study
  • Information and Communication Technology Survey

In addition to the core studies and assessments maat Green also offers the following assessments, research, studies and analyses: 

  • architectural conception
  • business intelligence services
  • business plans and planning
  • Consultancy
  • corporate asset verification
  • corporate due diligence
  • ecological studies
  • environmental impact studies and assessments
  • equipment procurement
  • equity investors search
  • financial feasibility analysis
  • financial performance reviews
  • investment analysis
  • information and communication technology review and planning
  • joint ventures
  • landscape planning and design
  • management buy-outs and buy-ins
  • management investigation and verification
  • management training
  • marketing feasibility studies
  • marketing profile audits
  • market research and analysis
  • master architectural design
  • master planning
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • planning and building applications
  • project development
  • project finance
  • project management
  • project planning
  • quantity surveying
  • request for proposal (RFP) criteria determination
  • seminars and training
  • social impact assessment
  • sponsorship and promotion
  • staff training
  • tender and bid specification.