Project Finance Application Procedure

Initial enquiries concerning project finance must be made via our online Project Finance Enquiry form.


The online Project Finance Enquiry form enables you to quickly provide us with concise information about your project without your having to take time to complete a comprehensive application form with details of a project which may not interest us.


Our analysts evaluate projects individually, so if you have more than one project you should complete one copy of the form for each project for which you are seeking funding.


After you have submitted the Project Finance enquiry form, our analysts will quickly determine whether your project is likely to be of interest to us or not.


Project Finance Enquiry Form


Contact Details


1. Full name: This should include your forename and your family name.

2. Company name: If you do not yet have a company, please state 'Company not yet registered'.

3. Company address: If you are applying on behalf of a company please use your company's full postal address. Otherwise please use your personal postal address.

4. Telephone number: This should be your landline number. If you do not have a landline please use your cell phone number.

5. email address: Please type this very carefully and double check that it is correct as it is usually the means by which we contact you initially.


Project Details


6. Project location: The country in which your project is to be located. Please note that we do not finance or develop projects in Afghanistan, Iraq or Nigeria.

7. A description of your project: Please provide a brief description of your project.

8. The stage your project has reached: Please indicate whether you have conducted feasibility studies, prepared a business plan or whether construction has started.


Project Finance Details


9. The estimated cost of your project: Please indicate the estimated total cost of your project in United States dollars. Do not state your funding requirement in your local currency.

10. How much has been invested so far?: Please indicate the approximate amount of finance that has already been invested in the project in US dollars.

11. How much more finance is required?: Please indicate the approximate amount of finance you require in US dollars and whether you require 100% financing.


Project Documentation


High quality project documentation is absolutely essential for the success of your project. Globally, there are more projects seeking finance than there is international finance available to fund them. Consequently, in this competitive financial environment, investors, who are busy people, do not waste time on projects with inadequately prepared documentation. Lenders have to be absolutely convinced that your project is a solid investment before they will invest in it. Your project documentation is the primary means of achieving this.


Documentation needed to project finance.


Each project is unique but each project requires documentation produced to international investment standards typically including:


1. a market feasibility study with competition analysis;

2. a financial feasibility study modeled on cash flow with detailed departmental costs, profit centre projections,

3. a ten year forecast, profit and loss projections,

4. a risk analysis, hard and soft costs and detailed exit year calculations;

5. a business plan with professional management structure and non-compete agreements;

6. a development budget with a detailed statement of all expenditure to be incurred prior to the project opening including contingency provisions;

7. an initial outline architectural master plan;

8. a final architectural master plan and a private placement memorandum with an executive summary of the feasibility studies, due diligence search findings, architectural concepts and profit and loss calculations.


Additionally, an environmental impact assessment and a social impact assessment, including a defense anticipating possible objections from the public, local or government authorities or other organizations may be required. Each project also typically requires the appropriate local and government authority permits to allow the construction of the project.